1. The objects of the Organization is to co-operate with the Govt. fully in the matter of implementing the policies for stopping Crimes, Corruption and Terrorism prevailing in the society. The protection and development force for the Country, Society and Government Department.

2. The main object of the Organization is to expose Corruption, Bribery prevailing in every stage of administration and to cause steps taken against Corrupt and Dishonest persons.

3. By taking out the fear for the Police from the mind of the public, Create proper coordination and Adjustment.

4. By causing the Criminals, Miscreants and Ministers and officers public servants involved in Criminal act and Bribery to be arrested, Taking steps for awarding sentence by the Government / Court within the ambit of law.

5. Fighting against the corruption and Bribery thriving in the Government or semi Government officers and remove them.

6. Causing inquiry by the agents (spies) of the Trust/Organisation of the case of implicating the people in false cases by the police and sending the inquiry report of the same to the Government / Concerned officers and Courts and making endeavor for causing the Government recognition to be given to members.

7. Causing the plunderers / Mafias to be arrested red handed through the Members of the organization and making secret information about it to be made available to His Excellency the President, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Home Minister, Judges, Speaker of the Lok Sabha and to the Ministries of the Central Govt. and to the Hon'ble Chief Minister, His Excellency the Governor of the State and other concerned Government officers.

8. Protecting the interest of the sincere and honest employees and boost up their moral to struggle for equal right to be given to the women as that of the men.

9. Making the farmers, workers and women free from all kinds of exploitation apprehension and injustice and by helping the weaker section of the society in all manners causing the right to be given to them.

10. By causing the impartial inquiry - investigation of the complaints relating to corruption bribery taking apprehension exploitation in the offices, torturing women and land / house of the poor people the report will be sent to the Govt. / Administration and concerned Department and justice will be caused to be given to the victims and the offenders will be caused to be punished sternly (from the victims Rs. 0/- (zero) as postal expenses , typing cost and three affidavits will be taken). To give proper judgement to the victims, all related documents will be communicated to the Supreme Court from this office.

11. Conducting enquiry and investigation about the tendency of the hooligans to usurp forcibly the land/house of the poor, helpless, destitute s and stop the said practice and causing justice to be given to them and getting the hooligans punished by the Govt. /Court . If any state of India if anyone has been cheated from this office, so, that the victims can get proper justice.

12. If necessary, to file case against the criminals and corrupt persons in the court in order to give justice to the victims and getting the miscreants punished. According to IPS Act under the Rule etc.

13. The criminals, corrupt persons and persons taking bribe and damaging the country and state like termites. Taking a vow of / saving the people from them to make the people alert about this. If anything (Food grains/Rifles/Revotver/Money/Jewellary etc.) has been kept underground by someone itemic materials, which is not legal and dangerous for the society and country, will be taken out by special force.

14. Make endeavors / causing attempts to be made by the trustees as to prevent crime and corruption in the political field for the interest of the public and the state in the whole of India. Also while passengers are traveling by train, if they have been harassed by railway officers and force, trustees will look after, so that they get proper justice and compensation from the Ministry of Railway.

15. The complaint against the officers who will be send enquiry report in time or at all will be made before to the President of India, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Home Minister, Judges, Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Center and in case of State before the Hon'ble Chief Minister, His Excellency the Governor .ind the concerned Govt. Offices. Trustees will react when they will get information only it will be necessary to take prior permission from the concerned Ministry office.